Bawls-Zooka HighLux Steamroller


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The idea of a steamroller is to just trample right over the person taking the hit. Much like a blast to the face once the hit has started to take affect.

We pay tribute to one of our favorite energy drinks, Bawls, and recycle the beautiful glass bottle into a face-blasting smoking device. O-rings and custom designed grommets ensure that there are no paths for unexpected air to leak in.

The specially designed Bawls-Zooka cap stops the bottle from rolling away when not in use, and there’s also a magnet for keeping that lighter at bay! The opening is just perfect for a finger to cover it until you’re ready for the full hit- we call it the trigger finger!

Not only are the holes we cut sanded after, but our in-house made grommets cover the holes entirely. It prevents any accidental cuts as well as leaves a nice resting spot when you’re taking your draw.

*14mm Bowl is included

8 oz
Bottle Type

Standard(Blue), **GONE** Xtra (Clear w/Blue Letters), **GONE** Cherry (Clear w/Red Letters), **GONE** Geek Beer (Brown), Ginger (Green)

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