Capsule Corp Stash Containers


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We’ve partnered up with Capsule Corp to be able to bring you these Capsule Stash Containers as a Highlux exclusive! You can hide all kinds of stuff in here but Capsule Corp wouldn’t share their formula for fitting vehicles and other large items.

The capsules are the perfect size for a swisher or two! These aren’t just printed capsules, these are over-engineered container capsules!
The inside is coated with the same FDA approved coating we use on our grinders that helps to keep your hidden treasure safe from water and other debris and ensure nothing gets stuck inside. The lid includes an o-ring seal on the cap to further help with keeping your items contained.. including the scent!

  • Hollow
  • Flat on bottom to help stand
  • Water and Smell Proof
  • O-Ring Sealed
  • Measures just a little over 5″ x 1″

These are the perfect companion to our Dragonball herb grinders!


3 oz
9 × 7 × 3 in

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