*LE* Serene Highlux Grinder | Midnight/Champagne


Estimated Lead Time: 3 days*.

If boldness had a color, it would be this midnight. The dark sheen produces a color that immediately grabs all of the eyes’ attention. It’s topped by a slab of champagne which only helps set off the depths of the glimmer. The inside container has a mix of dark and light to produce a truly unique color to fall on top of the midnight. Please note, since these are hand made, the pattern on the inside will vary from grinder to grinder. These editions use Translucent Onyx as a color for the teeth and plate.

Any surface will instantly look 10 points classier with this lovely piece sitting on it. It’s unique tooth design is guaranteed to be your favorite grind. Not only does it evenly cut up your lovely herb of choice, but it also helps separate the stems and seeds. Super strong neodymium magnets ensure this herb grinder stays together when not in use.
The removable grind plate allows for easy cleaning and gathering of your material.

On the HighLux Grind Scale 1-10 with 1 being fine, and 10 being a more coarse grind for this would be ~4. Want a different consistency grind for vaporizers or rollers?  Pick Up a Spare Plate

– Built-in Funnel
– Easy-to-Remove plate hides container
– High chemical resistance and food safe material
– 4 Magnets to keep it together
– FDA Approved coating helps ensure ease of cleaning and no sticking of herbs to the bowl
– Cleaning Kit included

Keef lover? You need our  keef and scoop upgrade!

8 oz
4 × 4 × 4 in
Plate Color

White, Black, Blue, Ice Blue, Onyx

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