Pickle Rick Chug Jug Neck


Estimated Lead Time: 4 days*.


The first add-on for the Chug Jug is multidimensional and has a little more than just looks..
We’re all Ricky and Morty fans anyways, aren’t we? One of the most iconic moments for Rick Sanchez was his Pickle Rick stage and what better way to represent than by seeing him every time you take a good, clean hit of your Chug Jug?

The inside of the neck isn’t a straight pipe either. We optimized the path with CFD to ensure minimal resistance. We’d argue that it hits better than our stock necks that came with your Chug Jug. O-Ring sealed just like our other parts for the Chug Jug.

This Pickle Rick Neck fits any of our Chug Jugs, but DOES NOT INCLUDE THE CHUG JUG BUBBLER SYSTEM and will need to be purchased separately if you don’t already have one.

*O-ring included

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