PUR HighLux Personal Air Purifier


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The PUR HighLux Personal Air Purifier was made with stealth in mind. No more “Ew what’s that smell?!” Being yelled from down the hall.

When enjoying your favorite herb, often times we don’t need the world knowing that we are smoking. Sure you can light a candle, but that’s only partially masking it. The PUR cleanses and purifies the air as you exhale! Similar devices are often referred to as sploof(s). However, not only does the PUR clean the air you exhale, but it also refreshes it when a dryer sheet is used in conjunction.

The PUR uses a Brita(Stream filter) water filter that can be found at most common household stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, etc. After the smoke passes through the filter it’s shot down a vortex air duct where it disperses into an optional dryer sheet(recommend). The added dryer sheet helps act as an air freshener. No more will your herb smoke smell of anything other than your favorite laundry fragrance.

Each filter should last a HEAVY daily smoker a few months. The PUR has a height of 7″ and looks good enough to leave sitting next to your Highlux Grinder in plain sight without giving away the purpose of either. No smell is emitted while the PUR is not in use.

The optional top cap can be changed to give a fresh look, or to create a smaller hole to exhale into. The bottom cap is sealed with a o-ring to insure no smoke escapes before being cleansed.

Available with or without a filter included!

8 oz
3 × 3 × 7 in
Filter Included

WITH Filter, WITHOUT Filter

Body Color

Black, Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, White Pearl, Marble, Rainbow(No two are the same), Midnight, Olive, Translucent Grey, Translucent Onyx, Translucent Orange, Galaxy Moonstone, Vertigo Grey, Glow In The Dark Green

Cap Color

Black, Pearl White, Copper, Translucent Onyx, Midnight, Champagne, Marble, Vertigo Grey, Glow In The Dark Green

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