Spare v1 Grinder Plate


Estimated Lead Time: 1 days*.

So you’ve got your new grinder and you LOVE it. But maybe you’re needing to grind your herb up, but want it left coarse. Or maybe you need to be able to pack it into a small space so you’d like it ground more fine. We got you!

You have a choice of ONE of the following:

  • (1x) Fine v1 Plate (1 Dot)
  • (1x) Normal v1 Plate – this is what’s included with your grinder (2 Dots)
  • (1x) Coarse v1 Plate (3 Dots)


All of these are available to purchase together as a pack HERE

*NOT compatible with v2 internals such as found on the Alph4 and Henry the LEGO Head

1 oz
1 × 1 × 1 in
Grind Consistency

Fine, Normal, Coarse

Plate Color

White, Black, Blue, Onyx

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