Stainless Bent Smoking Screens



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This product will earn you 13-28 Points!
This product will earn you 13-28 Points!

Bowl space is precious. So is your material. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your material to the waters, or give up bowl space trying to use a classic round screen.

We take medical grade stainless steel screens cut to size and formed into the perfect angle to drop into a cone bowl. These are the perfect width to cover only the hole and nothing more while hugging the sides.
You can now smoke your keef without it falling through! These use the same mesh as our medium keef upgrade kits.

Another major benefit is that your smoking device will stay cleaner longer. With the screen catching almost all of the ash, it’s not falling into your device. Use a q-tip to push the screen out and drop a new one in.

Bowl not included.

*Any material pictured is CBD with less than .3% THC. Respect your local laws. ✌️⁣

1 oz

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